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Adjectives : Making agreements in gender and number: adjectives ending in -e; -eux; adjectives of nationality and inhabitants AdjectivesPart1 AdjectivesPart1
Placement of Adjectives Part 2: Where to place adjectives in relation to their nouns. Adjectives modifying verbs. Where to place cardinal and ordinal numbers? PlacementofAdj PlacementofAdj
Adjectives of Beauty, Age, Goodness and Size IrregularAdj IrregularAdj
Adjectives of Comparison and the Superlative Comparaison Comparaison
Countries and Nationalities and using the verb “venir de” (to come from) LesPaysetnationalités LesPaysetnationalités
The adjective “tout, tous, toute, toutes and negative use with adverbs Tout Tout
Pronoms Interrogatifs: Combien, comment, est-ce que, où, quand. Interrogative pronouns: lequel, laquelle, lesquels, lesquelles. Demonstrative pronouns: celui, celle, ceux, celles (newer version 5/05/2011) Interrogatives Interrogatives
Relative Pronouns “que / qui” Relpronouns Relpronouns
Pronouns Objects : Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns in the Present Tense Pronomobj Pronomobj
Conditionnel : The present conditional and voicing hypothetical situations or conditions. Quick review of the simple future and the formation of the present conditional. Conditionnel Conditionnel
Futur Simple : Reviewing 4 forms of the future indicative: the immediate future, the simple future and the indeterminate future FuturSimple FuturSimple
Imparfait : The past progressive a.k.a the imperfect past L’Imparfait L’Imparfait
Passé Composé des verbes réguliers PasseCompose(regular verbs) PasseCompose(regular verbs)
Passé Composé des verbes irréguliers avec l’auxiliaire avoir irregularverbswavoir irregularverbswavoir
Passé Composé des verbes avec l’auxiliaire être (VANDERTRAMP) passecwithetre passecwithetre
Passé Composé des verbes réfléchis(Reflexive Verbs) Les Verbes Réfléchis(Present and Compoud Past) Les Verbes Réfléchis(Present and Compoud Past)
Le Présent : The Present Tense of Irregular Verbs : aller, avoir, être, faire along with the pronoun of place « y » irreverbpres Irreverbpres
« SAVOIR ET CONNAÎTRE » The verbs « to know » Savoir Savoir
Subjonctif : Présent des verbes réguliers Subjunctive Subjunctivie
Subjonctif : Présent des verbes irréguliers SUBirrverbs SUBirrverbs
Subjonctif : Past Subjunctive with conjunctions Pastsubjunctive Pastsubjunctive



There will be exercises in PDF format for student assignments including a teacher key. These exercises will be based on PowerPoint Presentations.

Also in the works: short stories for reading comprehension and composition. Each story includes a rubric.  These specialized rubrics provide stimulating plots to help students brainstorm their own unique narration and description in order to formulate a conclusion to the story. Students may choose between adding a chapter or create a solution to the events.


For more information, E-mail me at  *protected email*



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