Pont d'Avignon

Pont d'Avignon

My name is M Theresa Tseng (née Marie Thérèse Casey) and I was born in Windsor Ontario  in a family of nine children. We moved often and our home was always a three bedroom / one bath unit. Whoever came up with the idea of selling potties must have made a fortune. I’ve had various job descriptions but my most recent profession is teaching. While working on a BA in French at SUNY at Buffalo, I published a series of French articles taken from a French Conference I hosted with other graduate students. It was a literary genre in tribute to Raymond Federman called "Raymond Federman and French Marginal Writers". Then I went on to finish an MS in Education for FL at the University of Rochester, NY and moved to Vancouver, BC.

A tribute to Raymond Federman

A tribute to Raymond Federman

I taught French in Western Canada for three years from grades 5-11 and first year Freshmen. I must say, during the short stint teaching in British Columbia I’ve had some interesting experiences. On one occasion, I worked in a private school populated by Sikh children where I had a unique encounter with culture shock: A male, middle schooler’s family spent their spring break in India. When the 12 year old returned to class he looked rather depressed. I asked what had happened? His friends were laughing and one of them said “the poor fellow now has responsibilities because he’s a married man”. I did not see that coming. Seriously. I consoled him, saying that as long as he lived in Canada he is not legally married. You should have seen the smile on his face.

I moved back to the US to be with my family and taught  three years in the US at a public high school on Eastern Shore Virginia. The school had the tallest students I had ever taught along with an awesome girls' volleyball and basketball teams. I think I lost 5 pounds in the bleachers from  all that energy emanating from the games and parents. Afterwards I found a part time teaching position in  Honolulu for two years. It was here where I decided to create this French blog to help my fellow instructors and students.

Then I decided to dabble into my first sci-fi novel: Veluli Specimen AMAC-1. Veluli is the first in a series to come.


kdp2coverThe life of a specimen on a scientific vessel can be frustrating and downright fatal unless there happens to be a Manga aboard endowed with very unique abilities to stave off boredom. Veluli and her surrogate son plot to escape their fate at the hands of Nleverian scientists, but the odds keep stacking against them. For one, they live aboard a ship flying across the galaxy light years away from home. Second, your usefulness is as good as it gets and it’s off to the disposal chamber. Last but not least, the United Vessel Community of Intergalactic Scientists (UVCIGS) has a vested interest in the Nleverian DNA experimental outcomes performed on the AMAC-1 a.k.a. Veluli. How bad can it be? Find out. Be ready to rumble on an Nleverian spaceship with Veluli and her cohort of unusual specimen friends.

I love Japanese anime and mangas as well as science fiction in general. The objective was to write a sci-fi novel, incorporating the environment and both themes mentioned above so I could have fun writing it. The environment influenced my writing quite a bit. All that ocean air and surfing compelled me to write and you are probably wondering what it has to do with the story. Hmmm… If I told you, then who will read the book? I hope you enjoy the read.

Book Two of the Veluli Series is now available: Macrocosmic Spin


Click the link below to Amazon.com to order books of the VELULI.  Or go to www.veluli.com for more details. Also available on Kindle E-Books.

KINDLE  $1.99 — Also KDP DIRECT FOR FREE — PAPERBACKS priced between $11.16-$14.33 at Amazon.com

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