Hélas! Is France a little out of your budget range? Consider a summer immersion program at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)

Summer in Montreal is Festival Time. There's always something to see, hear and do. Your friendly, French instructors will actually assign you to participate in the fun that Montreal offers.  Speak in French to any merchant or vendor and they will respond to you in French.

The historical buildings and forts are still intact. Visit Radio Canada, museums, the old Port of Mont Royal or improv in a make-shift, medieval costume and participate in jousting at the park. Take the rail to Quebec City and walk the hilly streets of the old port. French bakeries are everywhere. Don't forget to shop at Les Halles. Call ahead for information on what's happening in town in order to fully enjoy your stay.

Cœur de France, École de langues for adults

Many people have asked  « What is the best way to learn French »? My answer is « you have to live it ». In other words live and study in a French environment, immerse yourself in the culture and language. One place to do that is at « Cœur de France, École de langues », literally meaning the Heart of France School of Languages.

Cœur de France, École de langues is situated in the Loire Valley in a town called Sancerre. The Loire Valley is also known as wine country, and the winery is named after the town of Sancerre.

The school is a great place for adults since you will actually go out on the town, have a little wine, eat a little cheese, and practice what you'll be taught in school. You will be able to ask merchants questions about their products and exchange cordial information and experiences in French with the people you meet in town or at the school.

Check their website below for information on cost and stay. Don’t forget to watch their videos on the learning  experiences of their former older adult students.

For French Immersion Programs in French for high school students, click the link below. It can be pricey, but well worth it:

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Do you want to improve your French listening skills? TV5 may be the answer. Read on.

Why do most people who learn a foreign language often feel discouraged?

One of the factors lies with too much reading, and not enough listening.  Reading is a good thing. Sure we can sift through instructions, road signs, menus, prices, but if the tourist is lost, he or she most likely will not understand what the native speaker is saying when responding to the tourist’s with directions. Our ears are not trained well enough to understand what is being said.

It is difficult to understand a new language at first; you have to get use to new sounds like rolling rrr’s, strange “u- vibrations ” among others.  When the tourist travels from region to region in France or in a Francophone nation, the accents change slightly to extremes. What can you do about all this?Nice

TV5 is a free online website stored with multiple audible and visual media.  Not only that, because of their extensive media coverage in various regions of France and across the globe, you have the opportunity to listen to fascinating reports on news, sports, music, cinema and a lot more. I have finally gotten accustomed to quite a few African accents, and found new rewards in comedy sitcoms with a cultural twist.

Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

TV5 is the perfect place to hone in your hearing skills. Do not be discouraged-transcripts are available for translation. Start slowly, 15 minutes daily is all it takes to become an excellent listener.  The rewards are endless.

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