PowerPoints for French Grammar

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Château Tarascon

Château Tarascon

Free PowerPoint Presentation on French Grammar! Bonjour! Welcome to PowerPoints for French Grammar.

PowerPoints for French is a shared, resource website for teachers, families and students.

Throughout the course of my teaching career, I created many presentations for my French classes along with student input. Students found these presentations extremely helpful and raised issues for further consideration that went into the planning of these slides. In the outcome of our discussions, these points were drawn and resolved:

  • Students wanted to be able to access the lesson presentation for review
  • Slides became shorter for jotting down notes
  • They required many examples along with feedback
  • Long presentations were sectioned off for different days of teaching
  • Language was simplified

Explaining a step-by-step grammatical point, along with examples and immediate exercises to perform as we moved along, provided the class with a user-friendlier environment. These changes also gave students more opportunities to ask questions.

Take advantage of ready-made PowerPoint presentations for French grammar at very minimal cost through paid, annual membership of just $29.99 plus tax. Paid subscription helps in the maintenance of this website and to update resources for members. For a demonstration of one of our shared PowerPoints please stroll down below.

Membership includes over 30 presentations, short stories with rubrics and PDF files on exercises to compliment presentations. You may also request a Presentation for a lesson not listed on our shared website, or to spruce up one of your own at no additional cost.

Also, browse my blogroll on the left for various blogs describing several links to great resources available for teachers, students and their families. Some are free, for example TV5, and there are a few online resources that charge an annual fee such as Quia.com. If you are serious about French, click a link and discover great ways to learn the French language and culture.

Avignon's Gothic Castle

Avignon's Gothic Castle



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The Benefits of Using PowerPoint for French Grammar

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TEACHERS, are your students having problems focusing on grammar?

Would you like visual presentations using Word PowerPoint to keep students focused?

Are you too pressed for time to create visual aids in PowerPoint Presentations for French Grammar?

STUDENTS ! Do you require step-by-step instructions to help you understand Grammar? Or do you simply want to review grammatical aspects of language in order to write better?

In my experience as a French college lecturer and high school teacher, students assimilate vocabulary and phrases easily, but are unable to grasp basic syntax in order to produce self-expression and written skills in the foreign language. High school teachers encounter many students with poor language skills in English to begin with. The ramification of these deficiencies produce disparity in language skills among students. If not rectified early, it will prove problematic for both teacher and students, resulting in short attention span, noise, and disruption in the classroom.

A strong background in presentation with images is important in these circumstances.  Visual aids increase interest and arouse enthusiasm; they help motivate and reinforce perception among students, and provide them with enough time for note taking and questions. Moreover visuals clarify what is being taught, thus making grammar rules intelligible.

Foreign language textbooks include visual and audio aids, but  as instructors, it is in our best interest to produce our own visual presentations, and Word PowerPoint is a great medium to achieve that goal. As in most cases, it is encouraged by school administrators.

To the student, visuals are not simply what they are, they are who we are as teachers; they are a reflection of our character and leadership. A carefully planned presentation providing step-by-step instructions is important to address diversity in the classroom because it portrays an instructor’s professionalism and proficiency of the subject matter.

I produce PowerPoint Presentations for French Grammar, which by the way, may be used with a SmartBoard or Interwrite. I also link PowerPoint Presentations to my teacher website for student access to mull over at home or to review for an upcoming test.

Students who would like a more step-by-step approach to grammar will find these presentations useful.  My students have access to these PP files for quiz or test review which are uploaded onto my teacher website.

For one of our shared PowerPoint Presentation, click the link below on the compound past tense, Le Passé composé. Please note, there are two versions. Select the one  you will be presenting on your school computer or laptop.

Le Passé composé 2008 ppts version 

PasseCompose 1997-2004 pps version 

A download pop-up box will appear. When downloading is done, double click the PowerPoint icon to view the presentation.  These PowerPoint Presentations will work on both, the Mac and PC compatibles, and should automatically save to your PowerPoint files.

If you like the presentation,  become a member for an annual fee in the amount of $29.99 + tax. Paid subscribers have access to more than 30 presentations for both PC and Mac users. More are added as required. 

Membership includes over 30 presentations, short stories with rubrics and PDF files on exercises (per request at no extra cost). You may also request a Presentation for a lesson not listed on our shared website, or to spruce up one of your own at no additional fee.



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